Klaas Vaart


Unique stay on the water.

Have you always wanted to spend a night on the water? Which can! The Antaris Seventy7 Cabin with a Mediterranean look is located in the beautiful Maasplassen area of Limburg. The overnight stay on the water takes place at the jetties of the white town of Thorn or anchored.

Before boarding, there is time during the day to explore the area or discover the white town of Thorn. There is a lot of luxury on board. The cabin is lockable with a double bed, galley and toilet. The very spacious cockpit offers plenty of seating space and can be used for 2 extra sleeping places. The lockable passage in the transom provides access to the integrated bathing platform.

Experience the peace, space and nature. In the morning you will be served a delicious breakfast and possibly a boat trip afterwards.

For more information, availability and reservations, see the website of van airbnb.com. Or send an email info@klaasvaart.nl.

This is an arrangement for 2 to a maximum of 4 people.

Price for sailing: see regular rates and special arrangements.