Klaas Vaart


You do not want to rent a boat, but you want to know more about the natural elements WATER, AIR AND WIND even then you have come to the right place. For example, learn to make your own weather planning. This is mainly a training for sailors, beginners and advanced.

Learning goals

  • Understanding meteorological forecasts
  • The weather in your own environment or region
  • Include weather forecast in actions and decisions
  • Monitor the weather yourself. Recognize clouds. Also recognize difficult aspects of heavy showers or thunderstorms and respond appropriately
  • To be able to describe and use meteorological concepts

However You can also opt for an easy cloud workshop on recognizing clouds with facts and figures. So what do the clouds say! The duration of this is approximately 2 hours. This can be done on location or at my place in Thorn with possibly coffee/tea and a piece of pie..