Klaas Vaart


All Inclusive Drinks Cruise Package for 37,50 euros p.p.

Cast off at the convenience and comfort of our guests. During the sailing package of 4 hours (*) you can enjoy unlimited drinks in style with your family, friends or colleagues while enjoying the Maasplain and surroundings. Coffee, tea and two refrigerators stocked with beer, soft drinks, wine and rosé and water are at your disposal. The skipper ensures that you discover all the fun places and if you want we can anchor at one of the many pools to take a refreshing dip. So take your swimsuits and towels. In advance we will discuss your beverage preferences. (Champagne or other exclusive drinks are not included in this package, but can be negotiated).

Bringing your own snacks or lunch is permitted.

This is a group package for a minimum of 8 to 12 people. The price per person for this package is 37,50 euros (including VAT).

(*) For a surcharge of 10 euros per person the package can be extended by two hours, you can also decide this on the spot.

Alcoholic beverages are not offered, when guests under 18 years of age.

Wine Tasting Cruise Package

In the Netherlands, more and more wineries are appearing, but these generally have little to do with climate change, because this is something other than the classic type of grapes that are grown in France, for example, such as Pinot Noir and Auxerrios. These new varieties are much less susceptible to mildew, which in cooler climates, often causes damage to them. With these new varieties even on the islands it is possible to grow wine. Even in Denmark there are vineyards

Still, in the Netherlands the classic grapes can still grow well in some locations and that is in the Wijngoed Thorn. With the hills in Limburg there are local areas where the conditions are just right for growing the classic wine grapes, although in our changeable climate, there also occurs years that the grapes do not ripen properly.

The departure of the wine tasting - Cruise Package is from the chosen location. The boat trip takes about 30 to 45 minutes to Thorn, followed by a walk of about 10 minutes to the wine cellar and tasting in the Wijngoed Thorn, in the old historic white town of Thorn. Here you will get a presentation, a tour and a tasting of three wines and a small snack.

After about 2 hours, re- board for departure back home.

This package is for a group of at least 10 people and maximum 12. The price per person is 35,00 euro (including VAT)

Cruising Package and Belgian Beer Tasting

In the historic building (built in 1803) on the Maasboulevard in Wessem you find the Gasterie de Knip and you will be welcomed warmly by hosts Cora and Hub Smolenaers.

Their love for Belgian beer is not to be missed. Upon entering this cosy cafe with a living room the atmosphere jumps at you, with extensive taps with diverse selected Belgian beers.

Exclusively for Klaas Vaart, Gasterie de Knip has two new packages on the card. You can have an enjoyable evening or afternoon in the tasting room or on the beautiful sunny Maas terrace where you can enjoy the hospitality and passing speed.

Beer Tasting

  • Boarding with skipper.
  • Try eight different tasting glasses of beers and matching snacks. It is for the participants to guess what was consumed in each glass. The winner awaits a nice surprise.
  • After about 2 hours, re-board for sail back home.
High Beer
  • Boarding with skipper.
  • You have the option to taste 4 different Special Beers with matching snacks.
  • After about 2 hours, re-board for sail back home.
This is a group package for between 8 and 12 people. The price per person for this package is 35,00 euros. (VAT included)

Water sports package

The Maas has a speed limit of 12 miles per hour, but in certain places it is allowed sail faster. And speed boating is fun! Or do you want more thrills and go in a tube behind the boat and then fly at high speed (About 50 km / h) on the water. Note; during the rotation of curves, the velocity in the tube can rise even further.

Along the way we first go via Osen, which is also a nice experience. Immediately after the lock on the right hand side there is located a "fast sailing lake”. The sailing time is about 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on the time needed for the lock. For behind the boat, there is a choice of a large round disk with a diameter of 200 cm (up to 3 people), a 3 person banana or a three person jobe.

The stay on the fast sailing lake is approximately 1.5 hours. Then a calm return trip with the possibility to wind on one of the lakes.

This is a group package for a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 10 people. The price per person is 50 euros (including VAT).

Boating and eating

If you book a package with us then it is allowed to bring your own food. Coffee and tea are included. Refreshment beverages, beer, soda, rosé and wines are available on our boat. In advance we will discuss your personal preference in terms of beverages. (Champagne or other exclusive drinks are not included but are negotiable upon request).

Packed lunch or lunch on the go. If you want to have lunch or to reserve a packed lunch this is possible and we can make you a proposal, there are several restaurants located along the banks of the Maas that we are pleased to suggest.

BBQ or A la Carte dinner. Do you want to enjoy after a day of boating with your group a BBQ or a la carte dinner? We will give you our personal suggestions. When booking a BBQ or a la carte dinner the departure and arrival will be at the chosen restaurant.

Weather and Water Cruise Package

What causes wind, why is the sky blue above our heads and white on the horizon? Why does it often clear in the evening or what to do during a storm, how is it that such a thick rain clouds (cumulonimbus) does not fall down and what are the implications of climate change for the Netherlands.

These include a number of questions. Furthermore I tell you nice and sometimes useful facts again.

The weather and water package can be booked during the evening period, sunset or during dawn.

This package is a group of up to 12 people - normal price see rates

Party celebration on the boat

You have something to celebrate? Birthday, wedding or anniversary? Klaas Vaart can give an original option for your party.

While the skipper shows you all the nice places along the riverbank, you can relax with your guests and enjoy a sailing package that we personally tailor to your liking.

DThis is a group package for up to 12 people - normal price see rates