Klaas Vaart


Heel or Maasbracht
Location in the heart of the Central Limburg Maas Lakes Region. Even in its central location it is possible to cruise from Maaseik to the large boating lakes quickly!

At a convenient location on a bend of the Mass is situated the town Wessem, the town if from the Middle Ages and is from a chain of Maas cities that are layers away from each other. Even today, it is an ideal base for exploring. Yet it is still an ideal basis to travel the Maas and the Maasplains. In Wessem itself you will find the charming medieval market square with the St. Médard, numerous intimate historic streets and 16th, 18th and 19th century monumental houses.

Thorn, the white town
Visited by many tourists the white town of Thorn has a rich history that dates back to the end of the 10th century. In the course of time it developed a miniature principality headed by an abbess and a 20 nun convent. The principality had its own jurisdiction and its own currency. In 1794 came the end of this with the arrival of the French. The core of Thorn is a conservation area. There are still processions from neighbouring villages to this special chapel. On your way there you will pass various field chapels which were previously under the Linden. Every third Sunday of the month at the Chapel, you can participate in a themed walk led by a VVV tourist guide.

Roermond * (Roerkade)
Roermond is a lovely town to shop and walk around. You shop in a historic atmosphere with a very wide range of shops, from large chains to small boutiques. The many historic buildings bear witness to a long history. There you will find the famous 13th century Minster Church of Our Lady and St Christopher's Cathedral on the market. You can also walk from the quay in minutes to the Designer Outlet Centre. This is a beautifully landscaped shopping village with over 170 global brands. The lively promenades with nice cafes and restaurants invite you to stroll in the open air. Shopping is a sport, if you can find discounts up to 70%! Your favourite clothes.

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